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UCD Smurfit Marketing Experience

As a student who just completed his undergraduate studies in India, I was extremely anxious about the msc in marketing programme in UCD Smurfit. Going for further studies to a new place with different people and culture might seem daunting.  However, you should know that the Smurfit experience more than helped to overcome that feeling. Our induction to Smurfit School and the marketing program was a wonderful experience. The orientation was a week-long affair, where we were introduced not only to the marketing programme but also to Irish culture, the university and to our fellow classmates. The orientation week had a number of highlights including team building sessions and an intercultural workshop.  It was lots of fun and your anxiety by now is gone.

The Lecturers and Staff

The school has a number of resources which are always accessible to students making their time in Smurfit extremely productive and enjoyable. The marketing programme is well planned and through its modules, the students get a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge about the field. The professors have deep knowledge about their subject areas and make the classes extremely participative and insightful. Apart from that, they are also extremely accessible and always ready to offer guidance.  In addition, there are career services enabling you to get one to one careers advice from advisors on campus.

Course Content

The course includes core modules like corporate marketing strategy and consumer insights and analytics. We also get to choose between optional modules including brand management and sales management. Through the various modules, the students get to learn about various essentials that a marketer needs to build a career in marketing.

Apart from the more traditional marketing topics, we were also introduced to subjects and software relevant to the digital environment. These included Google Analytics, Qualtrics and other online tools. You are always encouraged to go beyond your curriculum in order to further our knowledge. Creative thinking and inputs are always encouraged and appreciated. The projects required us to think out of the box and come up with radical solutions to business problems.


The class is extremely diverse, with 15 nationalities. The students are from all walks of life, some graduated just recently while others had been working and joined the course to gain deeper expertise and knowledge. The diversity in the class presents a great opportunity to collaborate with diverse individuals for projects and helped to enhance your ability to work in different teams. Ways of working, problem-solving and innovating could easily be observed and the class was brought closer together as time passed. Our teamwork skills have been greatly enhanced. The students are brought together and you are always kept connected through the various social meetings and outings organised by the class ambassadors.  All which lead to closer bonding and friendships amongst your fellow students. It is always nice to have good relations with your colleagues and the programme creates the right environment to do so.

The Future

The summer term will provide with a great opportunity to collaborate with a prestigious company, work with their employees and come up with effective research. It would be a great opportunity to learn about the fast-paced multinational environment and come up with effective solutions keeping in mind the inputs and view of industry insiders.

The overall experience during the course so far is a great one. It definitely has an impact on you and your development as a future marketer.  Not only do you get amazing training but you become part of an alumni network of over 80,000 UCD business students. I would strongly recommend the course to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in marketing.

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